Go For Broke Barrel Racing

Go Broke Barrel Race #4

National Cattle Congress Grounds
257 Ansborough Ave
Waterloo, IA 


BBR Xtra Series
Add on any "extra class/side pot" on site no late fees
PBRIP Side Pot - $250 Added
FRIDAY - YOUTH side pot/ Youth only run (draws w/ open, $50 added)
SATURDAY - BBR XTRA series (member only, join on site) $1000 Added
SATURDAY - Big 8 Performance Fund OPEN Incentive $100 Added
SATURDAY - YOUTH class (may CO from open) $50 added
SATURDAY - SENIOR class (may CO from open $50 added
SAT/SUN - Target Time - $100 Cash Bonus
SUNDAY - YOUTH class (may CO from open) $50 added
SUNDAY - SENIOR class (may CO from open $50 added

**We do not accept changes/corrections via email, text, phone or FB message**
All changes/corrections should be handled at the show office.
Calcutta will start at approximately 6pm
Slot Race at approximately 7:30pm
Calcutta bidding open to EVERYONE!
We will payback the calcutta in CA$H, so plan to pay for your bids in cash!

FRIDAY Sessions /Exhbitions
(Unsold sessions will be on sale at show office when we open at 10:00am Friday)
Additional Friday Exhibitions will be sold 1st come/1st serve, CASH at the gate. 

STALL ASSIGNMENTS (posted by 5pm Thursday 7/5)
Plenty of stalls still available, please see the show office when you arrive if you need a stall

Late entries - CASH only - See schedule details below for entry closing times. 
Please see the FINE PRINT section below for additional FAQ's

**PLEASE NOTE - The facility is hosting another event in Mcelroy auditorium this weekend.
We do not have access to some of the "usual" parking.
The map below notes (by XXX) the areas that are closed off to barrel race contestants. Plan to enter the event through the "tunnel entrance" (see the dots on the map). All day parking should be in "LOT D".  Electric hook-ups are 1st come /1st serve for general contestant parking. ($20 per night) Park, plug-in and pay at the show office.  Please plan accordingly. 


FRIDAY 9:00 AM – Stalls/Grounds Open – EARLY ARRIVAL NOT ALLOWED! 

(Exhibitions/training sessions on sale for Friday when office opens. We do not pre-sell exhibitions/sessions.)

12:00 - 4:00 Friday Training Sessions ($10 per horse, 10 horses per training session, barrels setup)
4:15 - 6:15 Friday Exhibitions ($5 each, limited amount on sale. 60 sec. time limit)
6:15 Friday Pee Wee Barrels (enter @ show office $5 each) Prizes for all
7:00 pm Friday $1000 Added Open 5D 
***Friday YOUTH 4D***  $50 Added Money. YOUTH will draw with the open class.*** 
Friday late draw closes at draw #50
8:30 pm Friday Sessions and barrel exhibitions go on sale for Saturday morning

*Friday night checks will be available for pick up after 10:00 am on Saturday.
*Contestants must have a current year (2018) W9 form on file with Go For Broke Productions to collect earnings.*
**NEW**NEW**NEW**  Friday YOUTH will draw with the open class. 
If you enter open 5D and youth 4D, your 1 run will count for both classes. 
Youth only entries will be designated with class # followed by Y if youth only or Y/O if entered open and youth. 


8:00 - 9:30 Saturday Training Sessions ($10 per horse, 10 horses per training session, barrels setup)
9:45 - 11:00 Saturday Exhibitions ($5 each, limited amount on sale. 60 sec. time limit)
11:15 Saturday Pee Wee Barrels (enter @ show office $5 each. Prizes for all)
12:00 pm Saturday $1500 Added Open 5D (IA02 & 00 NBHA approved)
Late entries close when 1st horse runs in open

Sat. Youth 4D Class will follow Open  (IA02 & 00 NBHA approved) $50 added
Sat. Senior 4D Class follows Youth 4D (IA02 & 00 NBHA approved) $50 added
Side Pot - $1000 Added 5D BBR XTRA series (must be BBR member
Side Pot - $100 Added Purina Futurity
Side Pot - $100 Added MVP Derby
Side Pot - Sat/Sun 2 Run Target Time ($100 Payout)
**Approximately 6:00pm - CALCUTTA OF SLOT RACE HORSES. Horse and rider MUST be present for calcutta. Calcutta bidding is open to EVERYONE! 
**Approximately 7:30pm - 6th annual GO FOR BROKE SLOT RACE (full dress code for slot race. Hats/Boots/Long Sleeves)


9:00 am Sunday $1500 Added Open 5D (IA02 & 00 NBHA approved)
**Carry Over to youth or senior class must be declared BEFORE the Open starts**
Sun. Youth 4D Class, following open 5D (IA02 & 00 NBHA approved) $50 added
Sun. Senior 4D Class following youth 4D (IA02 & 00 NBHA approved) $50 added

OPEN - $45
STALLS - $55

LATE ENTRIES - CASH ONLY! Late fee $5 per rider/day max of $10 for weekend.
Late entries close when the 1st horse runs in the class at all shows that are co-approved with the NBHA.
Late entry closing time TBD based on pre-entry #s for all other classes. 
STALLS All horses on grounds overnight must stall ($55 per stall, includes 1 bag of shavings)
NO OUTSIDE SHAVINGS ALLOWED. Additional shavings $8 per bag on sale at show office. 
RV SITES are sold 1st come, 1st serve. Get parked/plugged in and pay at show office.  ($20 per night) 
PAYBACK 100% added money, 75% entry fee. NBHA & BRF approved classes subject to run $ fee (s) per run taken off the top.
DIVISIONS 5D classes (1/2 sec) 4D classes (1/2 sec) 3D classes (1 sec ) 2D Futurity (1 sec) 2D Derby (1/2 sec)
CARRY-OVER/ROLL-OVER must be delcared for any class before the start of the class you are carrying/rolling from. 
PRE DRAW posted on our website Wednesday prior to event.
REFUNDS absolutely no refunds for any reason after pre-entry postmark deadline has passed.
BUYING/SELLING SPOTS all changes must be handled at show office prior to the start of open race each day. (texts/calls/emails will not be accepted) ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES will be accepted after open race starts. No change fees, New rider is responsible for paying x1 $5 processing fee.
DRESS CODE long sleeve shirt, western boots required. Western hats/helmet optional. No ball caps/visors.


DISCLOSURE Rider agree to become familiar with and abide by the rules of this event.  Rider understands that Go For Broke Productions (producers of this event) along with the staff and associates of GFBP are not responsible for accident, injury, theft or death to themselves or property while attending, competing, camping or spectating at this event. Rider understands that Go For Broke Productions reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason. WARNING: Under Iowa Law, a domesticated animal professional is not liable for damages suffered by, an injury to or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of domesticated animal activities, pursuant of Iowa Code Chapter 673. You are assum-ing inherent risks of participating in this domesticated animal activity.

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