Go For Broke Barrel Racing

801 76th Ave Dr SW
Cedar Rapids, IA
March 23-25, 2018



Brought to you by J-V Productions 
(Jeff Vorhies & the GFB productions crew)

ELETRICAL CAMPSITES are $22/night - details below

• Requests for campsites can be emailed to camping@kirkwood.edu starting Sunday, March 4th at 7:00 p.m. Only one site can be requested per person. Please include your name when making the request. Requests made prior to 7 p.m. will not be honored.

• No later than Wednesday, March 7th, each person who sent in a camping request will be notified by e-mail with either payment instructions if they have a site or notification that they have been placed on the waiting list.

• Payment must be received in the office by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 14th. Any campsites that are not paid for by the 14th will be released.

• Thursday, March 15th, any unpaid sites are released to the first names on the waiting list. Campsites will be assigned in the order payment is received.

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March 23, 2018 (FRIDAY)

9:00 am                   Grounds Open

10:00 am                  Office Opens

11:00am-4:00pm 30 min. Sessions

4:15pm-5:45pm           Exhibitions

5:45pm        Pee Wee Barrels

6:30pm        $500 Added OPEN 4D


March 24, 2018 (SATURDAY)

9:00am                            Office Opens

8:00-10:00am                        Sessions

10:15am - 11:15am          Exhibitions

11:15pm                   Pee Wee Barrels

11:30-12:00pm         Pole Exhibitions

12:15pm                      Open 2D Poles

1:30pm (not before) $500 Added Open 4D

Following Open - $100 Added Youth 4D & $100 Added Adult 4D

Saturday Only Side Pots - $50 Added 2D Futurity & $50 Added 2D Derby


March 25, 2018 (SUNDAY)

8:00am                              Office Opens

8:00-8:45am                        Exhibitions

8:45am                       Pee Wee Barrels

9:30 am             $500 Added Open 4D

Following Open - $100 Added Youth 4D & $100 Added Adult 4D


OPEN 4D - $35 ef              Pee Wee - $5 ef             Youth/Adult/Futurity/Dery/Poles - $25 ef

STALLS - $65 (includes 2 shavings) Additional Shavings - $8 per bag


GROUNDS FEE - $5 per rider (grounds fee only applies to those NOT stalling on grounds)

EXHIBITIONS - $5 each                   TRAINING SESSIONS - $10 each                 OFFICE CHARGE - $5 per rider

LATE FEE - $5 per day/max of $10 per rider          

*LATE ENTRIES for ALL CLASSES CLOSE @ open draw #100 each day*
(subject to change based on pre-entry #s)

*C/O to Youth or Adult class must be declared before the open starts*

Youth - 18 & under as of 1/1/18

Adult - 19 & over as of 1/1/18

4D format (1/2 splits) 
125+ entries will be a 5D format

75% jackpot of Entry fees - 100% jackpot of added money

Pre-Entry Payments MUST be postmarked 3/12/18

Fill out entry forms ONLNE www.GoForBrokeProductions.com

Checks Payable to Go For Broke - 2091 390th St., Stanhope, IA 50246

Payment by CC/PayPal accepted through 10pm on 3/18/18 (4% online CC fee applies)

100% payback of stated added money. 75% payback of entry fees. 

Jeff Vorhies 641-919-8547 or email vorhiesj@gmail.com




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